Disaster Preparedness & Response


SEFW partnered with SEAW and established a DP&R fund to expedite the formation of rapid action reconnaissance teams after natural disasters. These teams travel to assess damage to the built environment as a consequence of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Knowledge gained from these response missions is brought back and shared with SEAW members to improve structural engineering in Washington state and beyond.


In recent years, SEAW has sent teams to China and Japan. To contribute to a fund specifically intended to cover costs associated with travel for these teams, please contribute by visiting the Donations page or directly visiting PayPal.

SEFW supports research activity that will improve the safety of the general public by elevating the quality of the practice of structural engineering.

Research Grants


SEFW welcomes funding opportunities for construction component testing with the goal of advancing the art of structural analysis and design.


SEFW is currently refining an RFP process to award grants to Washington State college professors and students conducting research in structural engineering. SEFW hopes to assist students with research projects judged to have a qualitative impact in advancing the art of structural engineering.


In fall 2018, SEFW funded "Anchorage of Headed and Hooked Bars in Masonry," a joint effort between Christopher Motter at Washington State University and the National Concrete Masonry Association / Northwest Concrete Masonry Association. More information will be available as the research gets underway.

If you have any ideas about current research initiatives and would like to communicate with SEFW, please contact our Administrator.



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