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The Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is grateful for sponsorship partners that make it possible for us to carry out our mission to promote structural engineering.​ SEFW would not be able to fund scholarships, facilitate educational lectures, or grant special projects without this support.



Pay by check: Checks payable to the Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington may  be mailed to:


PO Box 6248

Edmonds, WA  98026



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None of SEFW's exciting ventures would be possible without our corporate and individual donors! Thank you to those who contribute to promote structural engineering.


    As of 12/31/21


    Karen Smith and the Estate of Richal Smith

    Sandra Hyde

    Tom Kinsman


    Charles Pearson

    Howard Burton

    James Carpenter

    Mark D'Amato

    Richard Hudson, Friend of the Foundation

    Shana Kelley

    Ted Smith

    Peter Somers

    Craig Stauffer



    Aaron Pleskac, Friend of the Foundation

    Angela Gottula

    Arne Carson

    Arvind Nerurkar

    Benjamin Enfield, Friend of the Foundation

    Bill Maibusch, Friend of the Foundation

    Bob Anderson

    Craig Keller, Friend of the Foundation

    David Goodyear, Friend of the Foundation

    Greg Briggs, Friend of the Foundation

    Gregor Edwards

    Greg Schindler, Friend of the Foundation

    Hans Saxer

    Jill Shuttleworth

    John and Dawn Clark

    John Tawresey, Friend of the Foundation

    Joseph Renn

    Joyce Lem, Friend of the Foundation

    Justin Marshall, Friend of the Foundation

    Kevin Solberg

    Matthew Copus, Friend of the Foundation

    Marga Rose Hancock, Friend of the Foundation

    Michael Leonard

    Nancy Devine

    Patrick Leewens, Friend of the Foundation

    Peter Barlow

    Peter Hart, Friend of the Foundation

    Richard Hemmen, Friend of the Foundation

    Scott Douglas

    Tom Young, Friend of the Foundation



    Joy Jacobson


    Up to $49

    David Landrey

    Jared Plank

    Robert Vincent

    Lauren Rech






    SEFW is very excited to be participating in a Special Wind Region Study with the SEA organizations in Oregon and California. Together, the organizations are gathering federal grants, corporate funds, and individual donations to support a groundbreaking winds study.

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    Donations to the General Fund support SEFW's educational and outreach efforts. These funds promote structural engineering among high school and college students, other industry professionals, and the general public. Some SEFW efforts include educational partnerships, the annual Forum lecture, and targeted promotional campaigns.

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    Since 1985, the SEAW Scholarship Committee has awarded more than $164,000 to 69 structural engineering undergraduate and graduate students. Since 2011, SEFW has provided the funding for the annual awards, which are are $3,000 to$5,000 per student.

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    In 2014, SEFW established a Disaster Preparedness and Response fund to assist the SEAW DPR Committee. The funds will be primarily used for earthquake reconnaissance and research to benefit the structural engineering industry in Washington state.

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Endowment Program


SEFW is in process of developing an endowment program to support structural engineering. If you'd like to contribute to this program or discuss how your gift can help SEFW in its endeavors, please contact us.




Once again, THANK YOU for your support of the SEFW mission to promote structural engineering through scholarships, education, research, and outreach.


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