SEFW funds the Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW​) Scholarship Program, supporting Washington-resident students in their structural engineering studies. There have been 83 scholarships granted since 1985.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities


SEAW Scholarship Application


The SEAW Scholarship Application is CLOSED! The deadline was February 28, 2023. Recipients were announced in June.


To be eligible, a student must be:


 • United States citizen and an official resident of the State of Washington. Residents of this state

attending schools in other states are eligible. Students attending in-state schools on a

non-resident basis are not eligible.


 • At the time of application, currently enrolled in a program of study majoring in Structural Engineering as an undergraduate in their final year of study, or as a graduate student


 • Committed to making a professional career in the practice of structural engineering


The SEAW Scholarship Program opens for application toward the beginning of the calendar year. Current awards equal $5,000, but are determined officially by the SEAW Scholarship Committee. SEFW is committed to furthering the profession of structural engineering, and is eager to assist students in their structural engineering educational goals.

Current Scholarship Awards


The 2022 scholarship recipients were recognized at the SEAW Spring Social in June. Congratulations to these four deserving students!


Past Scholarship Recipients


Past scholarship recipients include a past SEFW Chair, several SEAW Engineer of the Year recipients, and many current SEAW members. Read more about past scholarship winners on our Scholarship Spotlights page.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities


In addition to funding the annual SEAW Scholarship Program, SEFW is committed to supporting scholarships that increase learning for structural engineers and structural engineering students. In the past, SEFW has provided scholarships for younger structural engineers seeking seeking financial support to cover registration fees or accommodations for professional development academic conferences. SEFW is also a proud donor of the local ACE Mentor Program, fully funding $5,000 scholarships for students intending to study structural engineering at the university level.