SEFW partners with the Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW​) in providing scholarships to Washington-resident students in their structural engineering studies, with more than 50 scholarships granted since 1985.

SEAW Scholarship Application


The 2017 SEAW Scholarship Application is CLOSED. Winners will be announced in June 2017.


To be eligible, a student must be:


 • An official resident of the state of Washington (residents attending out-of-state schools are eligible)


 • A senior undergraduate or graduate student at the time of application


 • Enrolled in a program of study majoring in structural engineering


 • Committed to making a professional career in the practice of structural engineering


The SEAW Scholarship Program opens for application toward the beginning of the calendar year. Awards range from a minimum of $1,500 to $3,000 or more. SEFW is committed to furthering the profession of structural engineering, and as such is delighted to assist students in their structural engineering educational goals.

Current Scholarship Awards


The 2016 scholarship recipients will be recognized at the SEAW Spring Social on June 21. Congratulations to Nicole Finley and Samiah Rizvi!


Past Scholarship Recipients


Past scholarship recipients include the current SEFW Chair, several SEAW Engineer of the Year recipients, and many current SEAW members.


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