Disaster Preparedness & Response


SEFW is partnering with SEAW to establish a DP&R fund that will expedite the formation of rapid action reconnaissance teams, assisting with basic travel and lodging expenses.  These teams travel in groups of 2 to 4 structural engineers to assess damage to the built environment as a consequence of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.


Recently, SEAW sponsored reconnaissance teams to China and Japan in the aftermath of several seismic events. Interested donors are now able to contribute directly to this initiative on SEFW's Donate page.

SEFW supports research activity that will improve the safety of the general public by elevating the quality of the practice of structural engineering.  One way this is accomplished is by improving the scientific knowledge about the impacts natural disasters have on the built environment. Combined with construction component testing, the art of structural analysis and design is advanced.

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Research Grants


SEFW is currently exploring a course of action for awarding grants to Washington State college students conducting research as part of their advanced degrees in structural engineering. The aim of this program is to assist students with research projects judged to have a qualitative impact in advancing the art of structural engineering. If you have any ideas about current research initiatives and would like to communicate with SEFW, please contact our Administrator.



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