SAVE THE DATE: Fall Forum 2018

This year's SEFW Fall Forum is on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Two speakers, an architect and structural engineer, will discuss the next tallest building in the world and what's ahead for skyscraper design and construction. Check out this article for an idea of what is to come! For more information or to register for the event, please visit the SEFW 2018 Fall Forum page.

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DreamBIG now on Netflix

"DreamBIG: Engineering for our World," is a 45-minute movie produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and after a considerable run at science centers around the country (like the Pacific Science Center in Seattle), the film is now available on Netflix! Reviews so far have been every positive, as the film fascinates adults but also inspires students to engineering careers. Seattle firms and structures (like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge) are featured. Read more about it online.

Engineering Exhibition Spotlights Local Legacy

SEFW is pleased to be a sponsor for "Sculpture on a Grand Scale — An exhibit of the work of Jack Christiansen," compiled and researched by Tyler S. Sprague P.E., Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. The exhibit highlights the late Jack Christiansen's structural engineering innovations, which changed the game for thin-shelled concrete construction and brought great visibility to engineering in Washington state.


The exhibit premiered in Boston at the IASS (International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures) Creativity in Structural Design Symposium in July 2018. Intended to be a traveling exhibit, it will be at the University of Washington next year.

Anchorage of Headed and Hooked Bars in Masonry

SEFW is excited to fund a university-level research project, "Anchorage of Headed and Hooked Bars in Masonry," being carried out in partnership between Assistant Professor Dr. Christopher Motter at Washington State University,  Jason Thompson with the National Concrete Masonry Association, and Tom Young with the Northwest Concrete Masonry Association. SEFW looks forward to the work being performed with this research and how it can positively impact the structural engineering profession.


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