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SEFW is committed to providing educational opportunities to inform professionals, students, and the general public about structural engineering. SEFW is always looking for opportunities to promote structural engineering through exciting ventures.



Our past Forums have been very educational and well-attended, and have highlighted iconic Seattle landmarks, the Burj Khalifa (the reigning tallest building in the world), wooden skyscrapers, an international bridge-building non-profit, the World Trade Center complex, and the history of architecture and engineering in Seattle. The most recent event was in November 2017, "Origami:  Inspiration in Science, Design, and Structures." Check out our Forum reports for our exciting events:


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Fall Forum


Our annual Fall Forum is designed to promote structural engineering in a non-technical way. Our subjects are designed to appeal to a wide audience, from engineers and architects to students and the general public.



Videos / FilmWorks Initiative


SEFW maintains an extensive Video Library housed on Vimeo. We have many of our past Fall Forums as well as other structural engineering lectures.


Additionally, in 2012, SEFW produced a 43-minute documentary about the structural engineering of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, which was a huge success.

    SEFW also holds an annual FilmWorks competition for amateur filmmakers to create 2-minute movies about structural engineering. Please visit our FilmWorks page for information about past winners and this year's competition.

    Engineering Legacy


    SEFW supports SEAW's Structural Engineers Hall of Fame which profiles distinguished local structural engineers who have shaped the profession throughout Washington and the world. We also help promote the legacy of engineers who have passed away, as donations are accepted in their names.


    Document Library


    SEFW maintains a document library of information on structural engineering and structural engineering programs.



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